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Theft of diesel and AdBlue® – protect yourself!

Toby Miller gulps down the last of his coffee. It’s just before 6 a.m. Today is an important day for the site manager. To be able to build the cellar of this block of flats, the entire excavation has to be carried out today. The skips have been waiting for days and Mr Miller’s company cannot afford another delay.

On site, excavator operator Peter Taylor is about to fill up his vehicle. But the refuelling tank, filled just yesterday, doesn’t have a single drop of fuel. Taylor is sure that there’s only one possible reason for this: Thieves drained the tank overnight – and it’s not the first time, either! Just a few weeks ago, more than 500 l of diesel disappeared, leaving only fumes.

Back in the office, Toby Miller, who has just learned of the theft from his employee, is boiling with rage. But he’s also at a loss. Ever since fuel prices started climbing no tank system has been safe, as the constantly growing number of news reports on the topic remind him.

How can the diesel thieves be stymied? Miller learns something useful: There are management systems with electronic access control designed for tank systems. This means that only certain employees can access the contents of the tank. Thieves are kept out. The system not only prevents the theft of diesel. With it, the tank data can also be managed. Using the example of the CEMO solution, we show you the four important functions that the management systems offer.


1. Remote monitoring of the tank data

The management systems, CMO10 for diesel and CMT10 for AdBlue®, allow Miller, the site manager, to record all the data relevant to the filling-up process. Using a data transfer card and an RFID reader, this is then saved onto his PC. There, he can access and evaluate all the data whenever necessary. Toby Miller thus has a complete overview of all transactions, as well as of the current fuel levels.


Premium Plus SIM versions: Easy access via your smartphone

The CMO10 SIM for Diesel and CMT10 SIM for AdBlue® versions take things one step further. Using these, Miller can access the data securely and easily using his smartphone – wherever he happens to be. In addition, a modem with GPS functionality is mounted onto the tank system. This transmits transactions and fuel levels in real time. The modem can be set up using the smartphone and sends alarm messages by SMS in the event of any irregularities. In addition, the data can be accessed locally on your PC. An optional electronic fuel level sensor that keeps you informed of the tank level in real time is also available.


2. Individual user management

The site manager can easily document the refuelling operations of each different user for accounting purposes. The tank data logging system registers and manages up to 250 different users and their vehicles. By creating individual user profiles in the system, Toby Miller can always stay on top of things.


3. Protection against theft

Integrated access control through the CMO10 and CMT10 management systems means that Toby Miller no longer has any sleepless nights. It ensures that only those who are authorised can fill up using the tank system. This way, Miller can monitor the fuel consumption of each machine and prevent further thefts.


4. Process optimisation

In addition to the security aspect, access control also enables an optimised fuel delivery process. The system saves the date, the time, and all other data and transmits it to the PC. That way, Miller can analyse the fuel consumption of each vehicle and do a better job of planning ahead. A level sensor always shows the current level in the tank. This avoids shortages, saving both time and money.


CEMO’s access control and tank data management systems are suitable for use on construction sites as well as on company premises, workshops and all other locations where companies carry out their refuelling operations. The systems for diesel and AdBlue® are available as a complete package with the tank system. They can also be retrofitted. Here you will find an overview of the product range of secure CEMO tank systems:


CUBE-Diesel Tank 5,000 L Outdoor Premium Plus und Premium Plus SIM

CUBE-Tank for AdBlue® Outdoor Premium Plus with CMT 10


DT-Mobil PRO ST Diesel tank Premium Plus

DT-Mobil PRO ST Diesel tank Premium Plus SIM


DT-Mobil PRO COMBI PE ST Diesel tank Premium Plus Bipump 12 V

DT-Mobil PRO ST COMBI 980/200 Premium Plus SIM


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