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The right equipment for every operation – the advantages of having your own refuelling solution

Today we will be covering the substantial variety there is when it comes to filling up. There are individual refuelling solutions for every need, as well as for all products: Diesel and AdBlue®, petrol and lubricants, plus the combination of diesel and AdBlue®. Our tank systems are made of fibreglass, PE or steel and are available with or without ADR approval for the transport of hazardous substances.

A basic distinction which we make is between mobile and stationary refuelling solutions. Both make the filling of all types of vehicle clean, flexible, and available at all times. The solution you use depends on your requirements and the intended area of application. The broad range of products on offer provides you with four decisive advantages:


1. You get the perfect system for your needs.

For stationary and mobile tank systems, you can choose from a number of variants which have the optimum capacity for your needs. The systems are also available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Whether for daily use in the workshop, for refuelling directly at the construction site or for any other filling scenario – CEMO has the right variant for you.

2. You gain security through quality.

Refuelling with hazardous substances requires special care. CEMO therefore complies with all legal regulations when manufacturing all components of its tank systems. In addition, all aspects which are relevant to safety are taken into account, such as explosion protection, flame arrestors or water hazard classes. The high quality of our products also contributes to their longevity.

3. You get the right accessories.

The stationary and mobile refuelling solutions can be completed with accessories in accordance with your requirements. CEMO offers important supplements for every product and every hazardous substance – from dispensing systems and pumps for safe filling and transferral, removal and dosing to level indicators or anti-slip mats for safe transport.

4. You have a contact for all your filling needs.

Whether you need to fill up with diesel, petrol, AdBlue® or lubricants such as engine oil – everything you need is available from CEMO. We would be pleased to advise you on the different advantages of stationary and mobile refuelling solutions.


Conclusion: A one-stop-shop for a diversity of options

If you buy your stationary or mobile tank system from a full-range supplier such as CEMO, you benefit in several ways: You’ll be on the safe side. You’ll meet the legal requirements. And you get exactly the solution you need – combined with professional advice, for example on choosing the system best suited to your needs. Simply contact us if you have any questions about filling up and hazardous substances!


You can find all products and information about our fuelling solutions here.

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