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Surface Protection Systems: What to watch out for when buying

When it comes to storing hazardous substances, collection trays are an absolute must. The tray prevents any kind of slip-up. With a collection tray, you can rest easy knowing that leakages will not mean environmental contamination. Stringing multiple collection trays together to cover larger areas can sometimes cause problems: Gaps between the trays harbour potential dangers, the loading process can become a strenuous effort, or it requires the time-consuming task of rearranging the storage area. With ground protection systems you avoid these problems and you protect even larger storage areas. In this post, you will not only discover what makes a great ground protection system – you will also learn what to look out for when buying one.

Keep an eye on the material

Not every ground protection system is the same. You can store various hazardous materials on them, depending on the type of material. ground protection systems made from polyethylene (PE) that have general building regulations approval are suitable for water-polluting substances and are particularly resistant to acids and alkalis. Flammable liquids such as oil or petrol must be stored on surface-protection systems made from steel, as this is fireproof.

Do you have any special requests?

How easily can the ground protection system be combined? Is it suitable for irregularly shaped spaces? Can it be expanded easily? These are questions you should ask when buying. A good ground protection system should be adaptable to meet your needs, for example with an additional collection tray. If the quantity stored decreases, you should have the option to reduce the ground protection accordingly.

Is the collection area amount sufficient?

Collection trays must be able to hold at least ten percent of the storage volume, or the volume of the largest container stored. In water-protection areas, the collection trays must be able to collect 100% of the amount stored. You should therefore consider the collection volume when it comes to surface-protection features.

Loading? That’s easy too!

Barrels, canisters and tanks that are stored on ground protection systems are usually very heavy. An access ramp will make loading the items on the floor easier. Ideally, the access ramp should be at a comfortable height and not be too steep. When purchasing a ground protection system, check if an access ramp can be added to it.

Sturdy and robust

Safety first – for ground protection systems too. This is why the bearing load of the items on the floor plays a significant role. Connecting rails and holding pins ensure that the items are securely held together. To avoid any accidents, it is especially important that all elements be slip-resistant.


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