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Safe storage with Euro-pallets: This is how it’s done!

1200 mm x 800 mm x 144 mm: The Euro-pallet is one of the most popular reusable pallets in Europe. Standardised according to EN 13698-1, this wooden pallet enables space-saving storage and safe transport. Here, we’ll show you what you have to consider when storing dangerous goods on this classic pallet.


Use only intact pallets!

A broken board, an illegible EPAL label, a missing block: this is not what a Euro-pallet is supposed to look like. If the following types of damage occur, the pallet must be replaced or disposed of:

  • A board is missing or broken.
  • More than two boards are splintered or chipped in a manner that makes more than one nail or screw shaft visible.
  • A block is missing or is split in a manner that makes more than one nail or screw shaft visible.
  • Important labels are missing or illegible.


Note the payload!

A Euro-pallet can carry between 1,000 and 1,500 kg. The weight depends on how the goods are distributed on the pallet. For selective loading, a weight of 1,000 kg should not be exceeded. If several products are evenly distributed on the pallet, the payload tolerance increases to 1,500 kg.


Load properly!

Safety is the name of the game – and it’s no different when loading Euro-pallets. Make absolutely sure that the goods are properly secured, e.g. with tension belts. Distribute the weight evenly on the pallet to prevent it from tipping over.

Outer packaging such as film protects the goods on the pallet and makes transport easier.


Consider the storage location!

To save space in the warehouse, pallets are often stored outside. Remember that wind and weather can affect the Euro-pallets. You should therefore check them regularly for weather damage and note that the stored goods may become heavier – or even damaged – by rainwater.


Use sump pallets!

Sumps are required for the safe and proper storage of hazardous substances. Sump pallets enable convenient and space-saving storage because Euro- and industrial pallets can be positioned directly on them.


Here you can find an overview of all the sump pallets available from CEMO.

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