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Harvest time is CEMO time

In August, beans, potatoes and cauliflower are harvested fresh from the fields. Carrots, tomatoes and peppers are also ready for harvest this month. The main harvest period is associated with a lot of work for farmers: fruit, vegetables and cereals need to be harvested promptly and this is often a time-consuming process too. We’ll show you which products can help you achieve a fast harvest process.


Full speed ahead in the fields: stationary and mobile filling stations

Massive fields, large wine-growing areas and the nearest filling station is miles away? In this case, having their own filling system provides farmers with valuable independence. CEMO filling systems are available in different sizes and designs. The stationary filling systems allow you to store particularly large quantities of diesel or petrol. You can achieve even greater flexibility with a mobile filling system which is easy to transport using vehicles.


The good ones go into the pot 

When you have the right equipment, the harvest process is easier. Therefore, you should also place value on good quality when it comes to storage and collection containers: they need to be stable, liquid-tight and easy to clean. Also, make sure that you use the correct container size for your crop. This means that harvest helpers are working with the right equipment, which protects their backs.


Cleaning your boots after work

 Your boots are always muddy thanks to the deep furrows in the fields and days spent walking around on damp soil: nobody working on a harvest leaves the field with clean boots. Brushing your boots after work and scraping the dirt off the soles takes a lot of time. Boot cleaners made of stainless steel or polyethylene, for example, are a better alternative. These practical tools brush your boots and clean them up really well again without you having to go to any effort.


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