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Disinfection for professionals: large area coverage, even, fast

In clinics and medical practices, the disinfection of medical devices, furniture or door handles has been part of everyday life for a long time now. Due to the coronavirus, these hygiene measures have become increasingly important, including in other industries. CEMO’s mobile disinfection sprayers help you carry out regular, large-scale disinfection.


Hygiene in all areas

Whether in public institutions such as schools or in the industrial sector: regular disinfection is necessary everywhere lots of people come into contact with each other at the moment. In medical practices and hospitals in particular, disinfection sprayers help to ensure compliance with hygiene regulations.


Even disinfection

CEMO’s mobile disinfection sprayers distribute commercially available disinfection solutions evenly on a wide variety of surfaces. Compatible spray lances with flat spray nozzles are available in different sizes and the flow rate can also be set individually.


Flexible hygiene aids

Thanks to a five-metre-long power cable, the CEMO sprayer allows you to disinfect large areas. The Spray Caddy provides even more flexibility and freedom of movement thanks to its built-in battery. This allows you to disinfect an area without needing to keep the device plugged in, including in places with no power supply.


Here you can find an overview of all the mobile disinfection sprayers available from CEMO.

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