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CEMO international: When products travel around the world

From Weinstadt and Schnelldorf out into the world: Many of CEMO’s warehouse solutions certainly do get around over the course of their lives. We’ll show you where CEMO’s innovative ideas start out and the journeys they go on from there.


Starting point: Weinstadt

Whether it’s a tank system, pump, irrigation system or grit container: Everything started in Weinstadt. The story of CEMO begins 15 kilometres east of Stuttgart in the year 1960. And even today, existing products are optimised and new solutions for safe storage developed in this town on the Rems River. For all different kinds of CEMO products, the journey begins here – guided by the senior management team and around 40 employees from the sales, development and marketing divisions.


Manufacturing in Schnelldorf

Top quality takes the highest priority when dangerous materials need to be stored, transported and dispensed. This is guaranteed at the CEMO manufacturing and logistics location in the town of Schnelldorf in Central Franconia. Meticulous processing and the use of high-quality materials are standard here. The solutions for safe storage then find their way from Schnelldorf to clients throughout the world. And Schnelldorf is an optimal starting point for many destinations: The A6 and A7 motorways are extremely close.


Deployment locations worldwide

Austria, Australia, Canada, Korea: CEMO tank systems are particularly popular and in use all over the world. CEMO delivers to 59 countries, supplying a huge variety of sectors from the construction industry to agriculture and local authorities. Products from CEMO really do go far and are deployed practically everywhere.


Returning home for recycling

CEMO products are overqualified for short trips anyway. Durable materials such as glass fibre reinforced (GRP) plastics enable them to be in use for decades. And if you do need to replace the innovative GRP solutions after their long life’s journey, then you can recycle them in an environmentally friendly way.


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