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Arable vegetables and field crops: 5 tips for the best irrigation in agriculture

Carrots, onions, cabbage, lettuce: You have probably already prepared your fields for the coming season. Fields and crops must be irrigated regularly so vegetables can be freshly harvested – especially during prolonged periods of drought. Our five tips will make sure nothing can go wrong!


1. Water at night

The best time to water is between three and four o’clock in the morning, because that is when the ground is coolest and the least amount of water evaporates. If you don’t want to get up that early, water in the early morning hours instead. Contrary to popular opinion, we recommend you not to water plants in the evening, as the ground is still very warm and a lot of water evaporates.


2. Use rainwater

Use rainwater to water fruit and vegetables. This saves you money and is good for the environment. Rainwater offers a further advantage: It is less calcareous than tap water and does not contain additives such as chlorine or fluorine, which many plants cannot tolerate. You can store rainwater in a large storage tank with a pump, for example.


3. Water generously

Don’t try to be economical when it comes to watering. Since some of the water evaporates at the surface anyway, it is quite all right to give plants a little more! It is better to water the soil generously just once, rather than a little bit more frequently.


4. Water appropriately

Water consumption varies depending on the location and type of plant. Wheat requires less water than millet – asparagus more than potatoes. The following applies in general for plants with leaves: The larger the leaves, the higher the plant’s water consumption. Make sure to water in the root area and not just wet the leaves with water. This can result in damage from the sun and fungal diseases.


5. Use a mobile irrigation system

We recommend using a mobile irrigation system to ensure an even and efficient water distribution. CEMO drums have a capacity of up to 6,000 litres of water. Use a motor or electric pump and swivel hose reel for flexible use in the field.


Do you need an irrigation system? You can find a range of mobile systems, Aqua-Caddies, storage tanks and many other irrigation products here.

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