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About us

50+ years of creativity and dedication

These are only two of many important attributes that characterise our work at CEMO and make us so different from other companies in this field. Thanks to our facilities in Weinstadt, Schnelldorf and France, we have been able to develop into one of the most important companies within Germany and abroad in this sector.

We operate as a manufacturer of GRP products and offer a comprehensive range of specialist products and services to a great number of industrial sectors. This includes services such as the CEMO Academy and practical advice.

We are
  • pioneers in the area of modern transport and storage container technology
  • the German market leader in legally compliant complete on-site filling stations
  • providers of professional solutions for the storage of substances hazardous to water
  • a manufacturer of formed components made of fibre-reinforced composite materials
We supply
  • traditional transport and storage containers for a wide range of applications
  • customer-specific GRP moulded parts
  • heating oil tanks supplied to end customers within 72 hours
  • grit boxes with our specially-designed vandal-proof lids and a comprehensive range of winter service products
  • and much, much more …


Our focus is people.

Being able to respond rapidly and effectively to our customers’ varying market situations requires flat organisational structures and coherent teamwork. Our traditional philosophy – as internalised and lived by everyone at CEMO – has always focused on people. This applies equally to our customers and colleagues.

In product development, it is very important for the parties involved, i.e. the customer and us, to maintain close, personal contact, as this facilitates the incorporation of all requirements right from the start. Furthermore, successful product development requires an atmosphere of trust, matching quality standards and common goals.

High quality and teamwork always match!



Founding of the initial 2-man company in Weinstadt.
Manufacture of grape vats and GRP barrels.


Production of the first approved GRP heating oil tank.


Completion of the second Chemowerk plant in Schnelldorf (Bavaria) on a 42,000 square-metre site.


Founding of the French CHEMO distribution company CHEMO S.A.R.L. in Villefranche sur Saône


Development of an environmental protection product range for the storage of substances hazardous to water.


Market introduction of the KT heating oil tanks – production of the first GRP tank using monolithic construction.


ISO 9001 certification


Market introduction of the DWT tank. Production of the first GRP double-walled tank with a sandwich construction.


Development and manufacturing of tank systems for AdBlue® / DEF / ARLA 32®.


Completion of the new logistics centre in Schnelldorf.


From CHEMO to CEMO – change in brand name.


CEMO has developed into a specialist for safe storage.


Launch of an innovative storage tank for solar thermal.


Completion of a new production line for PE rotation moulding


Development of a new generation of tanks for diesel, AdBlue / DEF / ARLA 32® and lubricants


Development of a high-performance submersible pump for diesel, AdBlue / DEF / ARLA 32®


Extensions and modernisation of the Logistics Centre


Development of battery-operated mobile tank systems


Development of mobile combination tanks for diesel and AdBlue®