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2in1 tank systems from CEMO: You need to know about these 5 benefits

2in1 tank systems from CEMO: You need to know about these 5 benefits

Diesel and AdBlue® simply belong together. Why do diesel vehicles need AdBlue®? The urea it contains prevents nitrogen oxide emissions by converting it into nitrogen and water vapour. Unfortunately, not every filling station offers the opportunity to fill up with AdBlue® and, sooner or later, you will need your own filling station when working in woods and meadows, far away from built-up areas. CEMO has developed their 2in1 COMBI tank systems. With these, you can fill up with both diesel and AdBlue®. Here are some other benefits of 2in1 COMBI filling stations.


1. Two types of fuel, but just one filling system

Fill up with diesel, fill up with AdBlue®, or fill up with both. You always have both types at hand with CEMO’s 2in1solution, so save space at your company, on construction sites, or out in the fields.


2. Refuel in any terrain

The fuel warning lights up – your fuel is running out. But the nearest filling station is many kilometres away. A scenario you will surely be familiar with. So it’s a relief to know you now have a mobile filling station with you or a stationary one nearby. This lets you refuel anywhere and whenever you need to.


3. Saving time in your daily work

You have to refuel, but it is sometimes difficult to build it into your daily planning. Our filling system saves you a trip to the filling station. Refuel on site, at any time of the day or night, freeing up more time to do your work.


4. Space-saving transport

CEMO 2in1 filling systems have a compact, cubic design, enabling space-saving transport in light vans or pick-up trucks. Ratchet lashing straps can also be easily attached – for secure transport.


5. Easy handling for difficult days

CEMO’s 2in1 filling systems have carrying handles and are accessible from beneath. This means you can transport them safely while caring for your back. The lid is also easy to open and close thanks to its built-in gas pressure springs.



Do you want more information about our 2in1 COMBI filling systems? You can find all mobile and stationary filling systems from CEMO here.

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