March 2018

The new Cube Tank Generation was developed from the outset as a complete gas station in which all components are safely housed; the cubic design reduces the required footprint to a minimum. All diesel filling

Cemo grit containers protect your grit in all weather conditions so that it is always ready for use. FRP is the only material that is resistant to UV, temperature and corrosion; a useful life of

To ensure the supply of AdBlue® / DEF / ARLA 32 off-road, Cemo offers self-sufficient filling stations in compact format. The Blue Mobil Easy with 125 - 600 l capacity is available with 12 or

Cemo offers a wide range of shelving for the proper storage of drums and other containers. All drum and hazardous substance shelves are fully galvanized and easy to assemble. The drum shelves have corrosion-resistant GRP

Cemo heating oil tanks, made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, are sealed against oil odors and are dimensionally stable over their entire lifetime without additional treatment. All the designs meet the same high quality standard. KT tanks

Mobile Irrigation systems are suitable for the professional irrigation of large areas and parks. Medium sizes find use in gardening and landscaping, as well as in commercial cleaning. All units are completely assembled with motor